Wisdom of the Saints (and Near Saints) (2014)

The Church Fathers are those personalities who over the early centuries of church history fashioned our faith and codified that which we have come to embrace as orthodox Christianity. As there have been numerous noteworthy Church Fathers (and Mothers) it seems sensible to tackle them a letter at a time. This is the first of three volumes.

Wisdom of the Saints (and Near Saints): Christian Inspiration from Ambrose to Zwingli. (Patheos Press, 2014)

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How To Be Perfect (2011)

People who take the Bible seriously never know what to do with the book of Leviticus. And yet Leviticus is historically considered by Jews, and thus by Jesus, as the pivotal book of the Hebrew Bible. As a longtime minister and preacher who had successfully skirted Leviticus for most of his life, author Daniel Harrell wanted to come to grips with all that Leviticus teaches.

This book traces the adventures of a group of people eager to understand the Bible by living it. The surprising lessons they learned impressed on Harrell both the power of obedience and the necessity of grace. 

How To Be Perfect: One Church’s Audacious Experiment in Living the Old Testament Book of Leviticus (FaithWords, 2011)

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Nature's Witness (2008)

The disconnect between evolution and Christian faith challenges theological integrity. It forces believers into either compartmentalization or undue accommodation.

A proposed alternative is to assume both that ultimate truth resides in the heart and mind of God and that evolution is part of that truth. A flourishing Christianity stays faithful to the Biblical narrative as its source for theological reflection, while at the same time heralding confirmed scientific data as an accurate description of the universe on which theology reflects. This robust Christianity embraces evolution as further revelation of God’s hand in the world.

Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith (Abingdon Press: 2008)